Lyric the Nudist Lifestyle Influencer's birth name is Zora Rashid. Raised in Atlanta, Ga. Lyric is 23 years old  she is a Model, Event curator, and lives the lifestyle of a Naturist/ Nudist. Lyric is also a model coach for aspiring models in Atlanta, and a partner with Hookah catering / wholesale company Hookah Angels.  Lyric is the oldest of 3 which is why she works so hard and pushes for success. Her friends and family support her lifestyle and work to the fullest    Lyric has been modeling for 6 years and shot with some of the best photographers in Atlanta. She's done brand ambassador deals with companies such as Atl bubble, Cheif Green Lemonade, Modern Day Hippies, and more.   Lyric has been curating events for 4 years, she usually throws 2-3 parties a year, and host some of the most lit parties of the year in Atlanta Like Hush pool party, Drunk Road Trip to Orange crush / Mardi Gra, Show and Cyphers and more.  Lyrics have been doing very well and growing every year. Cloudfest the ultimate stoner festival held every 420 in secret locations in the Atlanta area. The very first Cloudfest was held at the historic Royal Peacock April 20th,2016  Lyric is currently rebranding Cloudfest into a more intimate but the ultimate stoner experience. Cloudfest will be the best it has ever been in 2020, be on the lookout for ticket dropping .Queendom Lingerie Party the sexiest all-girls party to hit  Atlanta has been going for 3 years held 2 weeks before Thanksgiving every year. This year Lyric collaborated with Infused chef Tiffany who hosts amazing Cannabis Dinner parties called The Hemp House. Lyric and Tiffany brought it to Atlanta and it was a success.Lyric has been living/ studying the naturist/ nudist lifestyle for years, and has exceeded in Body art from photoshoots - live nude posing. Being nude makes her more comfortable and connected with herself.  She sees the human body as art and just like art its viewed differently from different people the human body is similar some agree some don't but it is still ART.


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